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Psychic Medium Nadine

I am a third generation Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Reiki Master. I also have a PhD which often times my two little ones say “My mommy is a Doctor but just not the kind that gives people shots!”
I am happily married & have 3 wonderful children & three adorable dogs. It was as a child in Hawaii when my gifts surfaced. I remember vividly every night being visited by the uninvited. No matter if I were at home or sleeping at my grandparents, like clockwork they’d find me. As protection I would always pull my sheets up over my ears yet under my nose & shut my eyes with all the strength I could muster. No matter how hot those Hawaiian nights got anyone could find me frightened & sweat drenched clinging to my blanket for dear life. I thought my sheets would keep out the ghosts and to a point it did. Even in adulthood, as a habit, I still hide under the sheets when the uninvited grace me with their presence, though I know full well my sheet provides little, if any, protection. Thankfully with the help of the Angels I’ve learned techniques to keep them at bay till i’m ready to work with them. Much like the living the dead need to be given boundaries & my office hours!


I was raised a devout Catholic & attended private schools from kindergarten through high school. My family attended Sunday Mass religiously, no pun intended, where I would sit & listen to the priest talk about things that seemed so foreign to me. I remember how each sermon focused on sinners & such but never spoke about God gifting normal people like myself with the ability to see the dead & the future. It was engrained that death was final & you either went to heaven or hell!


Over the years & through constant communication with the Divine, I’ve learned that the Universal source is in fact all knowing but more importantly all loving! It cares not about smiting people but rather that they live by the Golden Rule ~ “Treat others as you would want to be treated!” A long time ago I didn’t know about this “thing” I’d been given, let alone understood it & as a result I considered it a curse! It made me reevaluate everything I was taught in school & at church. As my relationship with the Divine deepens, my gifts grow & understanding along with acceptance comes. Just as true as the sky is blue I know this “thing” I’ve been given has been divinely bestowed on me & for this I am grateful.


I truly love what I do as it allows me the most extraordinary intimate experience with my clients. I am priviledged to view things about their past, present, & future that often times no one else gets to see. I am able to bring them joy, hope, and a peace that perhaps they would not have found on their own. I know that this is my purpose in life, perhaps I can help you find yours !

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